Critico d'arte – Curatore esterno museo MACA – Acri (Cs)

0914 – Momoli Entourage, Montecarlo

Momoli, or the triumph of the connection

It’s immediately highlighted that Vinicio Momoli’s work, is Minimalism inspired, an essential and big movement emerged in the 68th revolution frame, specially cause it taught to all necessity to invade space with massive forms and totally material inertia. But that movement, in the principal exponents versions Bob Morris, Donald Judd, Carl Andre and even in the neons of Dan Flavin, suffered of an annoying tare, it confrms a morphological code dependence, founded on the right angle, on the cutting dihedral and other solutions with a total old geometrical abstractionism subjection, tough renovated adding large doses of pure state materiality inside.

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By the way, just the leader Morris well understood a bit after,  the partial irrelevance of their frst version and he overturned product, passing to practice a radical Anti-form, relying to typical soft materials, like soft and drooping felts.

Momoli also maintained that decisive correction, using since his path beginning, organic origin materials as wood, cloth, or stone too, but from geological excavations where he took the primal stratifcation modality too, proceeding with multiple and overlapping levels.

Our artist, used two measures to avoid the geometric abstraction’s rigors: the color’s introduction, a factor completely ignored by the Minimalists in their frst period who’s wanted do talk only the hard character of the metal surfaces.

Momoli had pleasantly interspersed the various planes of arrangement instead, as it would a good housewife who’s packing a lasagna plate, proceeding then to place in alternation one layer of pasta and a stacked one of sauce, usually superabundant and therefore hydro   outside the space assigned.

Moving from the domestic kitchen code, to as the original art of masonry, we could also say, just like a mason in laying brick to brick, Momoli has brought out lime came out from the edges. He wanted above all, the gravity force came into the game, while strata lying in horizontal, they has been bulging in their center, suffering the weight of what was accumulated above them. In this way we could also say, the Our is immediately passed to the Antiform stage, without being crushed too much by the formal rigor’s requirements. This also happened when, in apparent deference to the initial Minimalism precepts, he gave up the poor and spontaneous materials of the masonry home art, to adopt metal sheets maybe elements of a design born to manufacture table tops beyond a reproach manner, and therefore with strained horizontal.

But seems to me, even in this case, you can always see a sag of those plans in their core, also victims of a providential gravity force ready to insert an organicity note. It’s suffcient to analyze the overall title‘ s Momoli gives to his various proposal by the way, Nexiture, a neologism fully of versatile meanings.

Weaving concept is a confrm of an inspiration still about organic origin. Infact the tissue met in nature, or even in artifcial product if made of fuffy fbers derived from plant or animal world. Bind in the sam time concept, is then repeated from that Nexus ready to added himself, and than to reaffrm the willingness to reach to an original and unmistakable proposal.

There are other useful variants, in this “link” in this gordian knot, which the artist decided to break with an eloquent gesture. Sometimes the stones layers rise vertically, but this doesn’t prevent the artist’s will, to leave a mark. It seems indeed he want to dash against, transfx side by side, stamping a negative silhouette. It’s also a way to declare minimal materials are not up to the last world, but the artist wants always leave an impression over them. Or he lend to

dial each other, try to each other collect, even there by the way, acting as our remote ancestors who to fabricate refuge places, puts together the plates taken from the ground.

Ligament idea in short, holds the entire Momoli’s production, to a level sometimes he decided to leave the full volumes and highlight only the gaps, exposing the boundaries network which would have to embed the different fragments taken from the outside world.

Then there’s a Minimalism homage again, in the Flavin amended, Momoli in fact doesn’t give up to entrust this decision to make the connection with the neon use. Everything takes place, everything is bound, in a vast bricolage operation played on multiple keys.

Renato Barilli 2014